Dear Penguins and Parents:

Thanks to all for a great swim season! Just a few end-of-season things:

  • If you did not attend the Banquet, you can pick up your trophies and ribbons at Coach Scott’s house. Please send email to to arrange a time. After this week, they’ll go back into the container until next season!
  • For a limited time, you can view or download the 2017 video here: LPAC-2017-Final.mp4. Thanks again to the video team for making this available to all!
  • Nancy Keslin received a letter at the banquet and would like to follow up but needs more information. Please email her directly at
  • If your kids love swimming and are sad the season is over, maybe they should give year-round swimming a try! We’re lucky to live close to several good teams that offer flexible programs and schedules. See the Year-Round Swimming page on the team website for more information. You can send mail to or talk to any of the year-round swim families to discuss which program might work best for you.


Enjoy the rest of your summer…GO PENGUINS!