1. Swimmers should check in with the coaches and be ready to swim by the start of their practice.
  2. Warm-ups and warm-downs are very important parts of the workout, and all swimmers are expected to participate in both.
  3. In a very short 12-week season, it is very important to come to practice on a regular basis. Attendance will be taken at all practices. Swimmers are expected to attend practice every day if possible. There are exceptions for year-round USA Swimming team swimmers, who are required to attend only one LPAC practice per week provided they attend their year-round tem practices regularly. Swimmers who do not regularly attend practices may not be allowed to swim in meets. Exceptions may be made for swimmers who have made prior arrangements with the coaches.
  4. Swimmers who do not practice on a regular basis and/or do not participate at the meets will not be in good standing with the club. They will not be allowed to swim at championships or return to the swim team the following year.
  5. Notify one of the coaches if your swimmer will not be able to attend the required number of practices per week or will miss a swim meet due to vacation or illness.
  6. Courtesy to the coaches is expected at all times. To get the most from practice, it is essential that swimmers pay attention. Horseplay (splashing, dunking, fighting, pushing, spitting water, back talk, etc.) will not be tolerated at any time during practice. The coaches need to be able to concentrate on each swimmer’s safety and performance; therefore, any swimmer whose behavior is out of line will be asked to sit out of the pool.
  7. The clubhouse is off limits to all swimmers during practices and swim meets.
  8. The diving board is off limits to all swimmers during practices and swim meets.
  9. If swimmers are being picked up by a parent, they are to wait inside the pool area until the parent arrives. Children who are not swimming may only stay and play if a parent or other adult is supervising. The coaches need to focus their attention on the swimmers in the pool.
  10. No observers are allowed on the pool deck during practice. Please do not move chairs, climb on furniture, or open shade umbrellas.
  11. No skateboards, bikes, or roller skates/shoes are allowed inside the gate. Bikes must be stored outside of gate.
  12. All swimmers and parents must abide by the VCSL Code of Conduct at all practices, meets, and swim team activities.


Valley Cabana Swim League (VCSL) wishes to foster an environment that is fun, safe, friendly, motivational and respectful while our swimmers learn proper techniques and compete in the summer swim league. We have developed this Code of Conduct to promote teamwork, courtesy and respect for our teammates, coaches, volunteers, officials and opponents. All parents and swimmers are required to sign and abide by this Code of Conduct.

  • I agree to abide by the Club’s established pool rules.
  • I agree to respect teammates, coaches, meet officials and opponents at all times.
  • I will offer encouragement and friendship to my teammates.
  • I recognize that everyone has something to offer our team, even if it is not always fast swimming.
  • I agree to be positive with fellow swimmers, and courteous and respectful to other teams and their property at all times.
  • I understand that abiding by this Code of Conduct is just as important as practicing hard, and I will be a good teammate.
  • I agree to accept consequences, as decided by the coaches and/or meet directors, if I violate the Code of Conduct.