Dear Penguins and Parents:

The raft trip was quick and cold this year, but still lots of fun! Hope you all enjoy the day off tomorrow and have a happy and safe Fourth of July. We are in the homestretch now, with only three weeks left in the swim team season. Warning: it’s going to go by very fast!



After today, there are only 13 total practices left in the swim team season. Our team has a legitimate chance to move up at Champs this year, but to do that, we need EVERY swimmer to continue improving. And the best way to improve is to come to practice — not just 2 or 3 times a week, but every day! We know that everyone has lots of activities planned over the summer, but if we could get every swimmer to focus on LPAC for the next two and a half weeks, it would make a huge difference. Parents, please help by bringing your kids (and waking up those teenagers!) every day. We can do this!



This Saturday’s meet will be at Silver Creek Valley Country Club (SCVCC). Swimmer check-in time will be 7:20 am. The families we know who will be missing all or part of the meet are: Adam, Burke, Espinoza, Fuss, Musoll-Buendia, Mamola, Pickett, and Quezada. Please notify both the coaches and volunteer coordinators ASAP if your name should be added to this list.

The Silver Creek pool has 8 lanes, which means we need extra timers and recorders…but also means the meet goes by fairly quickly! See the Silver Creek page of the website for map and additional information.



This Saturday evening (7/8) is the Overnighter and the Penguin Regatta Cardboard Boat Races. Drop-off starts at 6:00 pm; please do NOT start setting up tents before then, even if you are members at the pool. Please note that swimmers of all ages are welcome to attend, but only swimmers 7 and older spend the night. Parents can pick up the 6 & unders at 10:00 pm (or earlier if they get tired).

Kids who are camping out should bring a tent, sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, warm sweatshirt, change of clothes, swim suit, towel, pajamas, toothbrush, toothpaste, snacks, and games. The high school group sleeps outside on lawn chairs.

If you build a cardboard boat, remember you can only use cardboard, duct tape or packing tape, glue, and paint. Please be prepared to take the soggy wreckage home with you; there is not enough room in the dumpster for all the shipwrecks! Bring your boats to the staging area on the basketball courts at 6:00 pm. Parents and siblings are welcome to stay and watch the boat races, which usually get started around 6:15 pm.

The cost for the Overnighter is $15 per swimmer. Please complete the form and turn in with payment to the Activities folder (or you can pay when you check in Saturday evening). Forms and additional information can be found on the Overnighter page of the website.

Campers must be picked up by 8:00 am on Sunday morning (7/9); please come before then to help your kids pack up their tents and belongings. We do still need a few more parents to sign up online and help with Sunday morning cleanup (starting at 7:00 am). The Board members and spouses who stay up all night will be tired and ready to go home by then, so your help is greatly appreciated!



We’re so proud of all our penguins who swam in the 25s to Save Lives Relay-a-Thon. So far our team has raised over $3,000 to donate to the American Cancer Society. That’s some serious Penguin Power! You can still turn in a check (made out to LPAC) or donate online: Thank you very much for supporting this important cause!