A few quick reminders:

  • Practice times are a little different for tomorrow’s 25 to Save Lives relay fundraiser for the American Cancer Society (Friday 6/23). The times do overlap by a bit, as we’ll be assembling teams for one group while the previous group finishes their relays. Feel free to come early or stay late to help cheer on your fellow penguins. Be sure to keep collecting pledges so your team can help make a difference with every lap! And feel free to share the online link via social media or email.
    • High School: 7:45-8:30 am
    • 12-14: 8:30-9:15 am
    • 9-11: 9:00-9:45 am
    • 8 & under: 9:30-10:20 am
  • Tomorrow morning (Friday 6/23) is your LAST chance to turn in Raft Trip forms and payment. If you’re worried about the river being too fast, rest assured. The flow is controlled by a dam, and while it will be a little faster than in past years (i.e., you won’t have to get out and push the boat at any point!), Sunshine Rafting has said that it is still a safe and easy ride. See the Raft Trip page of the website to download the forms.
  • Saturday’s meet (6/24) is at Almaden Country Club, 6663 Hampton Drive in San Jose. LPAC swimmers must check in with the coaches no later than 7:30 am. The parking lot is reserved for Country Club members; please leave time to find street parking and walk to the pool. Note that there are a few different cabana clubs in this area, so be sure you are going to the right pool! And since space is limited at Almaden, we all need to share EZ-Up space. See the Almaden web page for a map and Meet Entries.
  • If your child is ill on Saturday morning, please call or text Coach Scott: 408-613-5126.